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UCLA Registrar's Office

Students may be able to withdraw from a term if they have not completed finals in any of their classes.

Students who have paid term fees may be eligible to withdraw from a term after the first day of instruction if they have not completed any of the classes in which they enrolled. Students who withdraw from the University once instruction begins must submit a withdrawal notice.

Failing to attend classes, dropping all classes, neglecting courses, or stopping payment on checks tendered for registration fees does not constitute notice of withdrawal. A fine is assessed if any payment for registration fees is returned by a bank for any reason, including stopped payment or insufficient funds.

New undergraduate students who withdraw on or before Friday of week three of their first quarter are not eligible for readmission. They must reapply to UCLA using a UC admission application.

Fee Refunds

The effective date for determining a refund of fees is the date a student submits the withdrawal notice to the College, school, or Division of Graduate Education. It is presumed that no University services are to be provided to the student after that date. Detailed fee refund information is included with the form. See also refund schedules.

Students who received financial aid for the term may be billed for all or a portion of the aid received. Financial Aid and Scholarships notifies students of the amount of aid that must be returned.

Submission and Processing

The withdrawal notice is submitted to and reviewed by the student’s College or school, or the Division of Graduate Education, for validity of information and to establish the conditions for readmission or continuation. Detailed instructions are included with the form. The student is automatically notified of the College, school, or division decision.

For questions, contact the appropriate student services office.