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UCLA Registrar's Office

Deadlines, policies, proofs, reports, and viewable grids are available to review and use.

Room Scheduling Policy

Learn about standard time blocks, priorities, midterm examinations, and scheduling best practices

General Assignment Classroom Inventory

Campus general assignment classroom type and capacity information

Class Scheduling Training

Request training on policies and procedures and OASIS screens used to create the department’s schedule each quarter

Schedule of Classes Production Deadlines

View Schedule of Classes production deadlines, including when approved courses must be received, when data needs to be entered, when class notes need to be received, and when the Schedule goes live

Schedule Office Forms

MyUCLA forms for departments to submit academic special event requests for the quarter and finals week, final exam code updates, and enrollment rule changes

Schedule of Classes Enrollment Report

Review class data as it appears in the Schedule of Classes

Schedule of Classes Department Proof

Access department proofs to review class listings and class notes for accuracy

Graduate Individual Studies Classes Master List

Search graduate individual study or research course listings by term in the Schedule of Classes

Classroom Grid Search

See reports of classroom usage from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. by building and room

Building List

A list of official names and abbreviations of UCLA buildings in which classes are held, as used in the Schedule of Classes