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UCLA Registrar's Office

There is no charge for academic transcripts that are covered by the one-time document fee. Charges for special delivery services may apply.

Some paper transcript services provided by the UCLA Registrar, such as expedited service and express delivery, incur a fee.

Paper transcript expedited service—one business day, per address $ 15.00
Delivery by USPS first class mail, U.S. address 0.00
Delivery by USPS airmail, international address 0.00
Delivery by USPS priority mail express, U.S. address 25.00
Delivery by FedEx, U.S. address 25.00
FDelivery by edEx, international address 35.00

Registrar fees do not apply to transcripts sent by Parchment; those fees are set by the vendor. Third-party verifications, available through National Student Clearinghouse only, may be subject to fees that vary and are set by the vendor.

Most other UCLA enrollment and special verifications do not incur fees, but there are some exceptions. See Proof of Enrollment for details.