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UCLA Registrar's Office

Self-supporting graduate degree programs are designed to serve professionals seeking career advancement.

Self-supporting graduate professional-degree programs primarily serve professionals seeking to advance their careers. These programs allow UCLA to serve additional students above and beyond those supported by state funds, and fulfill demonstrated higher-education and workforce needs.

Self-supporting graduate professional degree programs include, but are not limited to, those that serve nontraditional populations such as full-time employees, mid-career professionals, international students with specialized goals, and students whose professional education is supported by their employers.

Because these programs are not supported with state funds, students are not eligible for Cal Vet tuition/fee exemptions.

The fees below typically cover the program and may cover additional materials and services. There may also be additional costs associated with each program, such as materials, equipment, or travel costs. Students are also responsible for additional mandatory fees, such as campus-based fees and student health insurance, that may apply to a given degree program. For complete information on additional fees, refund policies, admission requirements, program of study, and program calendar, see the individual program website. Fees are subject to revision without notice.

2020-21 Fees

Degree Cohort Fee
Architecture Master of Science in Architecture and Urban Design (MS) - $46,853/program
Dentistry Professional Program for International Dentists new entering students 90,269/year
continuing students 86,862/year
Economics Master of Applied Economics Program (MAE) - 1,015.81/unit
Education Educational Leadership (EdD) - 26,256/year
Engineering Master of Science in Engineering Online (MSE) - 4,200/course
Law Master of Laws (LLM) - 64,046/program
Law Master of Legal Studies (MLS) - 57,900/year
Management Master of Business Administration (MBA) new students entering summer 2020 63,458/year
continuing students 63,458/year
Management Master of Science Business Analytics (MS) new entering students 66,709/year
continuing students 66,709/year
Management Executive MBA (EMBA) - 83,996/year
Management Master of Financial Engineering (MFE) new students entering October 2020 78,470/program
continuing students 78,470/program
Management Fully-Employed MBA (FEMBA) new students entering 2017-18 or later 1,607/unit
continuing students who entered before 2017-18 42,686/year
Management Global Executive MBA for Asia Pacific (GEMBA) new students entering spring 2020 60,000/program
(UC portion)
continuing students 60,000/program
(UC portion)
Nursing Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) - 9,451/quarter
Public Health Master of Public Health for Health Services Executive (EMPH) new entering students 33,000/year
continuing students 31,294/year
Public Health Master of Public Health for Health Professionals (MPH) new entering students 28,500/year
continuing students 27,300/year
Social Science Master of Social Science (MSS) - 42,815/year
Statistics Master of Applied Statistics (MAS) 2020-21 cohort 1,115/unit
2019-20 cohort 1,062/unit
2018-19 cohort 1,011/unit