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The Writing II requirement is designed to improve the proficiency and range of undergraduate student writing.

To improve the range and proficiency of undergraduate writing skills, undergraduate students must complete a two-tier writing requirement. To satisfy this requirement, students must complete a composition course (Writing I) and then take a more advanced Writing II course that introduces them to the ways different disciplines use writing to discover, evaluate, and disseminate new knowledge.

The College and some schools require writing requirements to be completed within a fixed number of terms. Consult the General Catalog for more information. Students must complete the University's Entry-Level Writing Requirement prior to completing the Writing I requirement.

Writing I

For the Writing I requirement, students must complete English Composition 3, which is offered every term, with a grade of C or better (C– or a Passed grade is not acceptable). Other ways to satisfy the requirement are

  • Score of 4 or 5 on one of the College Board Advanced Placement Examinations in English
  • Completion of IGETC (transfer students who complete IGETC also satisfy the Writing II requirement)
  • Students in the College of Letters and Science and School of Nursing may also complete an equivalent course with a grade of C or better

No honors (HNRS) courses may be used to satisfy the Writing I requirement. Students must satisfy the Writing I requirement prior to completing the Writing II requirement.

Writing II

Writing II courses teach undergraduates about expository writing, building on basic knowledge and improving skills that can be put to use throughout their academic career. Satisfaction of this requirement varies by College or school, so students should consult their respective academic advising offices to ensure the requirement is met. Some Writing II courses may also be used to satisfy a GE requirement.

Writing II courses are offered in several formats, including lecture classes with multiple sections and single-class courses. Students prepare three to four analytical papers for each course, totaling 15 to 20 pages of revised prose. As they create drafts and revisions, students receiving extensive evaluation from instructors, as well as guidance and comments from fellow students in class. Courses are denoted by a W and must be completed with a grade of C or better (C– or a Passed grade is not acceptable).

For more details and information about College and school writing requirements, see Writing II.