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The following courses, offered in the departments of language and literature, do not require reading knowledge of any foreign language.

Ancient Near East (Near Eastern Languages and Cultures)
150A. Heroes, Gods, and Monsters: Literature and Epic in Mesopotamia
150B. Survey of Ancient Near Eastern Literatures in English: Egypt

Arabic (Near Eastern Languages and Cultures)
150. Classical Arabic Literature in English
M151. Modern Arabic Literature in English

Armenian (Near Eastern Languages and Cultures)
150A. Survey of Armenian Literature in English
C152. Modern Armenian Drama as Vehicle for Social Critique
C153. Art, Politics, and Nationalism in Modern Armenian Literature

Asian (Asian Languages and Cultures)
151. Buddhist Literature in Translation

Asian American Studies (Asian American Studies)
M173. Topics in Vietnamese Cinema and/or Literature

Central and East European Studies (Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Languages and Cultures)
91. Culture and Society in Central and Eastern Europe
M120. Women and Literature in Southeastern Europe
125. Interwar Central European Prose
C126. Coldwar Central European Culture
127. Central European Culture after Fall of Communism
130. Balkan Cultures in Film and Literature

Chinese (Asian Languages and Cultures)
70. Introduction to Traditional Chinese Literature
70W. Classics of Chinese Literature
131. World Sinophone Literature: Theories and Texts
C150A. Lyrical Traditions
C150B. Chinese Literature in Translation: Traditional Narrative and Fiction
151. Chinese Literature in Translation: Modern Literature
152. Topics in Contemporary Chinese Literature and Culture
M153. Chinese Immigrant Literature and Film

Classics (Classics)
10. Discovering Greeks
20. Discovering Romans
30. Classical Mythology
40W. Reading Greek Literature: Writing-Intensive
41W. Reading Roman Literature: Writing-Intensive
60. Fantastic Journey: Antiquity and Beyond
137. Ancient Lives: Art of Biography
140. Topics in History of Greek Literature
141. Topics in History of Latin Literature
142. Ancient Epic
143A. Ancient Tragedy
143B. Ancient Comedy
144. Topical Studies in Ancient Culture
M145A. Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy
M145B. Later Ancient Greek Philosophy
M146A. Plato—Earlier Dialogues
M146B. Plato—Later Dialogues
M147. Aristotle
150A. Female in Greek Literature and Culture
150B. Female in Roman Literature and Culture
162. Reception of Ancient Myth
163. Ovid and Consequences

Comparative Literature (Comparative Literature)
All undergraduate courses except course M191P

Czech (Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Languages and Cultures)
155. Survey of Czech Literature from Middle Ages to Present

Dutch (European Languages and Transcultural Studies)
113. Modern Dutch and Flemish Literature in Translation

English (English)
111A. Hebrew Bible in Translation
111B. Christian Biblical Texts in Translation
111C. Topics in Biblical Literature
112A. Oral Tradition
112B. Celtic Mythology
112C. Survey of Medieval Celtic Literature
112D. Celtic Folklore
141B. Introduction to Old English Language and Literature
141C. Topics in Old English

European Languages and Transcultural Studies (European Languages and Transcultural Studies)
20. Copenhagen and Nordic Model of Sustainability
C101XP. Between Los Angeles and Europe: New Approaches to Transatlantic European Studies
112. Medieval Foundations of European Civilization
140. European Crime Novel
150. European Folk and Fairy Tales
151. Valkyries and Dragonslayers: Vösung/Nibelung Tradition
167. European Identities in Classic Hollywood and Los Angeles, 1924-1950

French (European Languages and Transcultural Studies)
14. Introduction to French Culture and Civilization in English
14W. Introduction to French Culture and Civilization in English160. Francophone Cultures in English
16. Society and Self in Early Modern France
161. French and Francophone Theater in Translation
163. French and Francophone Short Story in Translation
164. French and Francophone Novel in Translation
165. Eco-Citizenship: Encounters with Eco-Citizens in Translation
166. French and Francophone Autobiography in Translation
167. French and Francophone Intellectual History in Translation
169. Paris: Study of French Capital in Translation
170. Nantes: Shape of City in Translation
191A. Variable Topics Research Seminars in Translation

German (European Languages and Transcultural Studies)
50B. Great Works of German Literature in Translation: Romanticism to Present
56. Figures Who Changed World: Cosmopolitanisms within a Global Context
59. Holocaust in Film and Literature
61A. Modern Metropolis: Berlin
102. War, Politics, Art
103. German Film in Cultural Context: Early German Film
104. German Film in Cultural Context, 1945 to Present
109. Jewish Question and German Thought
110. Special Topics in Modern Literature and Culture
112. Feminist Issues in German Literature and Culture
113. German Folklore
114. Fairy Tales and Fantastic
117. German Exile Culture in Los Angeles

Hungarian (Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Languages and Cultures)
121. Survey of Hungarian Literature in Translation

Iranian (Near Eastern Languages and Cultures)
150A-150B. Survey of Persian Literature in English

Italian (European Languages and Transcultural Studies)
42A. Italy through Ages in English: Saints and Sinners in Early Modern Italy
42B. Italy through Ages in English: Modern and Contemporary Italy
42C. Italy through Ages in English: Food and Literature in Italy
46. Italian Cinema and Culture in English
50A. Masterpieces of Italian Literature in English: Middle Ages to Baroque
50B. Masterpieces of Italian Literature in English: Enlightenment to Postmodernity
102A-102B-102C. Italian Cultural Experience in English
110. Dante in English
120. Modern and Contemporary Literature
121. Literature and Film
122. Italian Theater
123. Modern Italian Cultural Studies
124. Food and Literature in Italy
140. Italian Novella from Boccaccio to Basile in Translation
150. Modern Fiction in Translation
152. Italy between Europe and Africa
M158. Women, Gender, and Sexuality in Italian Culture

Japanese (Asian Languages and Cultures)
70. Images of Japan: Literature and Film
75. Anime
C150. Topics in Japanese Literature and Philosophy
151. Japanese Literature in Translation: Modern
154. Postwar Japanese Culture through Literature
M156. Literature and Technology
157. Classical Japanese Drama: Great Tradition
170. Japanese Tales of Supernatural
172. Fiction and Plays of Floating World
174. Classical Japanese Poetry

Jewish Studies (Near Eastern Languages and Cultures)
M150A. Hebrew Literature in English: Literary Traditions of Ancient Israel—Bible and Apocrypha
150B. Hebrew Literature in English: Rabbinic Judaism
M151A. Modern Jewish Literature in English: Diaspora Literature
151B. Modern Jewish Literature in English: Israeli Literature
175. Modern Israeli Literature Made into Films

Korean (Asian Languages and Cultures)
C150. Korean Literature in Translation: Classical
C151. Korean Literature in Translation: Modern
154. Contemporary Korean Culture through Literature and Film

Polish (Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Languages and Cultures)
152A. Survey of Polish Literature: From the Middle Ages to Neoclassicism
152B. Survey of Polish Literature: Reimagining a Nation
152C. Survey of Polish Literature: Dreaming, Mocking, and Writing “as if”

Portuguese (Spanish and Portuguese)
40A. Portuguese, Brazilian, and African Literature in Translation: Portuguese and Portuguese-African Literature
40B. Portuguese, Brazilian, and African Literature in Translation: Brazilian Literature
46. Brazil and Portuguese-Speaking World
141A. Literature and Film in Portuguese
141B. Film, Television, and Society in Brazil
141C. Documentary Film
142A. Brazil and Its Culture
142B. Brazil and Portugal in Comparative Perspective
M142C. Travel Narratives, Testimony, Autobiography

Romanian (Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Languages and Cultures)
152. Survey of Romanian Literature

Russian (Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Languages and Cultures)
25–25W. Great Russian Novel
30. Russian Literature and World Cinema
M118. History of Russia, Origins to Rise of Muscovy
119. Golden Age and Great Realists
120. Literature and Revolution
121. Russian Pop Culture
C124C. Studies in Russian Literature: Chekhov
C124D. Studies in Russian Literature: Dostoevsky
CM124G. Studies in Russian Literature: Gogol
C124N. Studies in Russian Literature: Nabokov
C124P. Studies in Russian Literature: Pushkin
C124T. Studies in Russian Literature: Tolstoy
125. Russian Novel in Its European Setting
126. Russian Theater: Plays and Performance
M127. Women in Russian Literature
128. Russian Science Fiction
C170. Russian Folklore

Scandinavian (European Languages and Transcultural Studies)
40–40W. Heroic Journey in Northern Myth, Legend, and Epic
50–50W. Introduction to Scandinavian Literatures and Cultures
60–60W. Introduction to Nordic Cinema
C131. Introduction to Viking Age
C133A. Saga
134. Scandinavian Mythology
C137. Old Norse Literature and Society
138. Vikings
C141A. Theory of Scandinavian Novel
141C. Short Story in Scandinavia
142A. Introduction to Nordic Theater and Drama
143A. Scandinavian Detective Fiction
143C. Scandinavian Crime Literature
C145A. Henrik Ibsen
C145B. Knut Hamsun
C146A. August Strindberg
147A. Hans Christian Andersen
C147B. Søren Kierkegaard
147C. Karen Blixen
154. Romanticism
156. Scandinavian Literature of 20th Century
157. Contemporary Nordic Literature
161. Introduction to Nordic Cinema
C163A. Introduction to Danish Cinema
C163B. Introduction to Swedish Cinema
C163C. Introduction to Norwegian Cinema
C166A. Ingmar Bergman
C166C. Carl Dreyer
C171. Introduction to Scandinavian Folklore
172A. Nordic Folk and Fairy Tales
173A. Popular Culture in Scandinavia
C174A. Minority Cultures in Scandinavia
174B. Queer Scandinavia
C180. Literature and Scandinavian Society
C185. Seminar: Scandinavian Literature

Serbian/Croatian (Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Languages and Cultures)
154. South Slavic Literature

Slavic (Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Languages and Cultures)
90. Introduction to Slavic Civilization

South Asian (Asian Languages and Cultures)
150. Classical Indian Literature in Translation

Southeast Asian (Asian Languages and Cultures)
70. Modern Southeast Asian Literature
90. Modern Literatures in Southeast Asia
130. Topics in Southeast Asian Literature

Spanish (Spanish and Portuguese)
60A. Hispanic Literatures in Translation: Spanish Literature
60B. Hispanic Literatures in Translation: Spanish-American Literature
60C. Hispanic Literatures in Translation: Don Quijote

Ukrainian (Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Languages and Cultures)
152. Ukrainian Literature

Vietnamese (Asian Languages and Cultures)
CM155. Topics in Vietnamese Cinema and/or Literature

Yiddish (European Languages and Transcultural Studies)
10. From Old World to New: Becoming Modern as Reflected in Yiddish Cinema and Literature
121A. 20th-Century Yiddish Poetry in English Translation
121B. 20th-Century Yiddish Prose and Drama in English Translation
121C. Special Topics in Yiddish Literature in English Translation