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UCLA Registrar's Office

Student records—including registration, grades, transcripts, diplomas, and verifications—are processed and maintained by the Registrar’s Office.

Personal Information

Use MyUCLA to update personal information such as address or legal name, and to request a preferred first name

Academic Transcript

The academic transcript is a comprehensive, chronological, certified record of student academic progress. Learn about transcript availability, orders, delivery, costs, and related student record requests

Proof of Enrollment

Proof of enrollment certifies registration, enrollment, and degrees. Learn about availability, orders, delivery, costs, and third-party verification

Transfer Credit Processing

Learn about transferability of coursework taken at other institutions, for incoming and continuing students

Grades and Academic Revisions

Term grades are accessed through MyUCLA. Learn about grade policies, revisions, and incomplete grades

Student Rights and Privacy

FERPA grants students rights to inspect records and restrict the disclosure of information

Closure of Student Record

The student record is closed to revisions in enrollment, grading, and academic actions upon degree award


Diploma details can be specified before the end of the degree-expected term. Diplomas become available about three months after degree award

Notary Services

A document issued by the Registrar’s Office, such as a transcript or diploma, can be notarized

Veteran Services

Benefit information, certification, waivers, and more

Professional School and Extension Transcripts

Transcripts of academic work taken at the schools of dentistry, law, and medicine, and UCLA Extension are ordered directly from those schools