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UCLA Registrar's Office

These abbreviations are of the names of UCLA buildings in which classes are held as used in OASIS and the annual archive, and the names of buildings as they appear in the Schedule of Classes.

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Abbreviation Name
700 WWP 700 Westwood Plaza
ANDERSON Marion Anderson Hall
AU Ackerman Student Union
BIO SCI Biomedical Sciences Research Building
BMC Brain Mapping Center
BOELTER Boelter Hall
BOTANY Botany Building
BOYER Boyer Hall
BRADLEY Bradley Hall
BRI Brain Research Institute
BROAD Broad Art Center
BUNCHE Bunche Hall
CAMPBEL Campbell Hall
CARNESL Carnesale Commons
CLARK William Andrews Clark Memorial Library
CNSI California NanoSystems Institute
COLLINS Collins Center for Executive Education
CORNELL Cornell Hall
COVEL Covel Commons
CNYN PT Canyon Point
DE NEVE De Neve Plaza Commons Building
DENT Dentistry, School of
DODD Dodd Hall
DYKSTRA Dykstra Hall
ENGR IV Engineering IV
ENGR V Engineering V
ENGR VI Engineering VI
ENTRPNR Entrepreneurs Hall
FACTOR Factor Health Sciences Building
FERNALD Fernald Center
FOWLER Fowler Museum at UCLA
FRANZ Franz Hall
GEFFENHL Geffen Hall
GEOLOGY Geology Building
GOLD Gold Hall
GOLDBERG Wendy and Leonard Goldberg Medical Building (formerly Medical Plaza 300)
GONDA Gonda (Goldschmied) Neuroscience and Genetics Research Center
GSEIS Graduate School of Education and Information Studies Building
HAINES Haines Hall
HEDRICK Hedrick Hall
HERSHEY Hershey Hall
HLTHSCI Center for the Health Sciences
KAPLAN Kaplan Hall (formerly Humanities Building)
KAUFMAN Kaufman Hall
KH Kerckhoff Hall
KNSY PV Kinsey Science Teaching Pavilion
KNUDSEN Knudsen Hall
KORN Korn Convocation Hall
LABSCH1 Lab School 1
LAKRETZ La Kretz Hall
LAW Law Building
LKGP La Kretz Garden Pavillion
LS Life Sciences
LUVALLE Lu Valle Commons
MACDNLD MacDonald Medical Research Laboratories
MACGOWN Macgowan Hall
MCGWN E Macgowan Hall East
MNOUKIAN Vatche and Tamar Manoukian Medical Building (formerly Medical Plaza 100)
MDCC Marion Davies Children's Center
MELNITZ Melnitz Hall
MOL SCI Molecular Sciences Building
MOORE Moore Hall
MORTON Morton Medical Building
MS Mathematical Sciences
MURPHY Murphy Hall (Administration)
NEUROSC Neuroscience Research Building
NO FAC No facility
NWAUD Northwest Campus Auditorium
OFF CAM Off campus
OLYMPIC Olympic Hall
OHRC Orthopedic Hospital Research Center
OSTIN Ostin Music Center
PAB Physics and Astronomy Building
PERLOFF Perloff Hall
PORTOLA Portola Plaza Building
POWELL Powell Library Building
PRITZKER Pritzker Hall (formerly Psychology Tower)
PUB AFF Public Affairs Building
PUB HLT Public Health, School of
PVUB Ueberroth Building
REED Reed Neurological Research Center
RIEBER Rieber Hall
ROSNFLD Eugene and Maxine Rosenfeld Library
ROLFE Rolfe Hall
ROYCE Royce Hall
SAC Student Activities Center
SCULPT Sculpture Garden
SEMEL Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior
SLICHTR Slichter Hall
SMB Schoenberg Music Building
SPROUL Sproul Hall
TERASKI Terasaki Life Sciences Building
UES UCLA Lab School, Seeds Campus
WASSRMN Wasserman Building
JWEST James West Alumni Center
WGYOUNG Young Hall
WOODEN Wooden Recreation and Sports Center
YRL Young Research Library