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UCLA Registrar's Office

Fees must be paid by the deadline; late payment results in classes being dropped. Most fee transactions occur through BruinBill.

Registration is a two-step process: payment of fees and enrollment in classes. Students can enroll in classes before payment is made, but if fees are not paid by the published deadline, classes will be dropped. A student is officially registered on completion of payment and enrollment processes, which can be confirmed through MyUCLA.

BruinBill Account

Registration fees are billed through a student’s BruinBill account, which can be viewed through MyUCLA. Payments can be made by e-check or credit card through MyUCLA, mailed, or deposited in the Payment Solutions and Compliance office dropbox at 1125 Murphy Hall. Payment option information can be found in the BruinBill Payment Methods Guide.

Fee Payment Deadlines

Registration fees, including UCSHIP unless waived, must be paid in full by the published deadline.

  • Fall Term: September 20
  • Winter Term: December 20
  • Spring Term: March 20

Other university charges are also due the 20th of each month.

If registration fees are not paid by these dates, classes are dropped and the late payment fee is automatically assessed.

The student billing calendar contains important billing dates for undergraduate and graduate students. Courtesy e-mail reminders are sent prior to payment deadlines. If the 20th falls on a weekend or holiday, the mail and in-person due date is the last business day prior to the 20th. Electronic payments may be made through the 20th.

More Payment Options

Third Party: A student can give third parties—such as parents, guardians, or others—permission to access the BruinBill and make payments on behalf of the student. When a student chooses this option in MyUCLA, it gives the University permission to discuss the details of the bill with the third party.

BruinPay Plan: A student enrolled in BruinPay Plan is allowed to make installment payments through automatic deductions. The plan requires per-term enrollment before the fee-payment deadline.

Late and Returned Payment

If payment is not made by the 20th, a Student Accounts hold is placed on the record until charges are paid in full. Holds prevent students from accessing UCLA services.

Late payment can delay activation of services to which the fees apply. For example, UCSHIP coverage remains inactive until the late payment is fully processed, which may take up to two weeks.

There may be additional penalties for nonpayment, which can be found on the BruinBill payment and fee policies web page. There are no extensions. Students should make payment early to avoid problems, especially if payment is made by check.

Payments may be returned for a variety of reasons including insufficient funds, incorrect account numbers, or closed accounts. If a payment is returned, penalties will occur; see the Student Accounts disclosures and policy web page.

Fee Waivers

Late registration, processing, and penalty fees are waivable only if they were incurred through University fault, or because a student suffered a sudden and debilitating injury or accident. Students must request a waiver in writing from the assessing office.

Financial Aid Distribution

UCLA automatically credits the BruinBill account with a student’s financial aid, which appears as anticipated financial aid on the bill, before the start of instruction. The student must be enrolled at least half time (6 units for undergraduates and 4 units for graduate students) for financial aid to be credited. Certain holds may prevent disbursement of aid to BruinBill.

In general, financial aid disbursements apply to unpaid BruinBill fees before they would generate a refund. See BruinBill application of payments for details.

Students should enroll in BruinDirect (direct deposit of BruinBill refunds) whenever possible for the most efficient refund process. BruinBill enrollment and other refund information is available on its refund methods web page.