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UCLA Registrar's Office

Continuing students who plan to not attend UCLA for a term must declare nonattendance.

Students need to declare nonattendance if they are not planning to attend UCLA for a term and have not paid registration fees for that term. Students can declare nonattendance through MyUCLA.

If registration fees have been paid and a student decides not to attend that term, he or she may be eligible for a refund of all or part of the registrations fees depending of the date of cancellation or withdrawal.


Students who complete a term (fall, winter, spring) and do not register the following term, may return to UCLA the subsequent term as a continuing student without submitting a readmission application and they are eligible to register and enroll in advance.

Graduate Students

Declaration of nonattendance by graduate students does not place them in official leave of absence status. Graduate students must submit a leave of absence request.