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UCLA Registrar's Office

Students who plan to attend a non-UC study-abroad program must also take a planned academic leave of absence (PAL). Undergraduates returning from approved non-UC study abroad do not need to apply for readmission.

Undergraduate students who plan to participate in a study abroad program sponsored by an institution other than UC are required to take a planned academic leave of absence (PAL) from UCLA. After they are accepted into a program, students must register their program with the UCLA International Education Office (IEO), 1332 Murphy Hall. Registering the program also generates the student application for the leave of absence.

Requirements for the program and registration can be found on the IEO website.

Students returning from an approved leave of absence for participation in a registered non-UC study abroad program are not required to seek readmission, but must provide official transcripts for coursework evaluation.

Graduate students should consult with the Division of Graduate Education to determine whether there are requirements when attending a non-UC study abroad program. Notifying the International Education Office is still recommended.