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UCLA Registrar's Office

Students who cancel registration, withdraw, or take a leave of absence may be eligible for a full or partial fee refund.

Fee refunds to eligible students are calculated according to the date a cancellation, withdrawal, or leave request is filed with the appropriate office. No claim for refund is considered unless presented within the fiscal year to which the claim is applicable. The fiscal year ends on June 30. See refund schedules for dates and UC-defined refund percentages by term. A $10 service fee is deducted from all 100 percent refunds. For new students, the schedule percentage applies to fees paid less the nonrefundable acceptance of admission deposit.

  • UCSHIP refunds are based on timing and benefit use.
  • Students enrolled in self-supporting graduate programs should consult the program or department for its refund policy.

Refund Exceptions

An exception to the official refund schedule can be requested. After completing a Withdrawal Notice or Leave of Absence form, attach a written request for a specific refund, and a doctor’s statement or other documentation relevant to the filing delay, to the form.

  • Medical reasons do not automatically qualify the student for a refund exception. More often, confirmation of the last date of class attendance is the basis for accommodating an exception.
  • Federal financial aid refund guidelines are very specific as to the amount that can be refunded based on dates of attendance.

Refund for Cancellation of Registration

Students who cancel registration prior to the first day of instruction are eligible for a refund. New students receive a 100% refund except for the nonrefundable acceptance of admission fee and a cancellation of registration penalty fee. Fees paid by new dentistry, JD, and SJD students are refunded except for nonrefundable acceptance of admission deposits. All other students receive a 100% refund except for a cancellation of registration penalty fee.

Refund for Withdrawal or Leave of Absence

Students who withdraw from the University once instruction begins, or who take a leave of absence, are refunded a percentage of registration fees according to the calendar date on which the official withdrawal notice or leave of absence request is submitted to the academic dean. Students who leave UCLA and enter U.S. military service prior to Friday of the sixth week of the term, and who receive no credit for courses, are eligible for a full refund of the student services fee. No refund is granted after that day.

Refund of UCSHIP Fee

Students who cancel registration and receive a 100 percent tuition refund also receive an automatic UCSHIP fee refund.

Students who withdraw or take an official leave of absence, and receive a 100 percent tuition refund, are eligible to request a UCSHIP fee refund. UCSHIP fee refunds are not automatic and must be requested by the end of the current term. The office verifies that no plan benefits or services have been used before it considers any refund; verification may take up to 30 business days. A refund is not granted if any claim has been paid. If approved, the refund is processed through BruinBill approximately three to five days after approval.

To request a refund, complete an insurance contact form (also available from the Ashe website insurance page). The refund reason must be included.

Students who withdraw, and receive less than a 100 percent tuition refund, are not eligible for a UCSHIP fee refund. UCSHIP coverage remains active for the rest of the term.

For complete details and instructions, see the Ashe Center insurance web page.

Refund for Students with Financial Aid, Deferrals, or Waivers

If a student on financial aid pays registration fees with personal funds, a refund is made automatically through BruinBill. Students who initially pay registration fees with financial aid, a fee deferral, or a fee waiver, and subsequently cancel or withdraw, do not receive a cash refund and may be liable for repayment of registration fees.