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UCLA Registrar's Office

Academic apprentices may qualify for fee deferrals and remissions, while students on leave may be entitled to a partial refund. Fee reductions may be available to those on approved part-time status, registered in absentia, or paying the filling fee.

Registration and Leave Policy

Graduate students must be either registered or on an official leave of absence every term until their degrees are awarded. Failure to do so for any academic term constitutes withdrawal from UCLA.

Fee Deferral

Academic apprentice personnel can obtain a fee deferral from their department to extend the student services fee and nonresident supplemental tuition payment deadline by approximately two months. Whether students attend UCLA, take a leave of absence, or withdraw from the University, they have a responsibility to pay back the deferral with either personal funds or a fee award credited to their account. Refunds may apply in some circumstances. Students who do not meet the extended deadline are charged a late fee.

Fee Remission

As a result of employment in an eligible academic apprentice personnel title, graduate students may receive certain fee remissions. Eligibility is determined by the following criteria:

  1. Appointments must be at least 25 percent time, not to exceed 50 percent time, and only under eligible title codes. Students should see their departments or the Academic Apprentice Personnel Manual for details
  2. Students must work at least 25 percent time during the term.
  3. Students must register and enroll in a minimum of 12 units no later than the third week of instruction.
  4. Cumulative GPA must be 3.0 or better.

Graduate Leave of Absence

For graduate students on official leave of absence, a percentage of registration fees paid is refunded according to the calendar date on which the official leave of absence request is submitted to the Division of Graduate Education. If fees are paid by departmental funds, students may end up owing fees if the petition is filed after the first day of classes.

Students obtain a leave of absence request from their academic department or the Graduate Education leave of absence web page.

Students on approved leave of absence may enroll voluntarily in UCSHIP. Plan coverage may be purchased for a maximum of one semester or two quarters. See the Ashe Center voluntary UCSHIP web page for information about insurance for nonregistered students.

In Absentia Registration

Graduate students taking coursework or conducting research related to their degree programs more than 100 miles from UCLA may be eligible for in absentia registration. Students registered in absentia pay 15 percent of tuition and the student services fee; full health insurance fee; nonresident supplemental tuition, if applicable; and professional school fees, if applicable. They do not pay campus-based fees.

In absentia registration and fee reductions may be used for up to six quarters or four semesters for academic doctoral students, and up to three quarters or two semesters for master’s and graduate professional students. For complete details and restrictions, see the Graduate Education in absentia web page.

Filing Fee

Graduate students may be eligible to pay the filing fee in lieu of full registration fees for the term in which they expect to complete final degree requirements and receive their degree. Students are not eligible to pay the filing fee unless registered the immediately preceding term. Students must pay the filing fee by the deadline for registration at the beginning of a term.

Students who pay the filing fee are not eligible for University services beyond a maximum of 12 hours of faculty and staff time required to complete degree requirements, and are not considered in the same status as registered students. For more information, see the Graduate Education filing fee web page.

Reduced Nonresident Supplemental Tuition for Doctoral Candidates

Nonresident graduate doctoral students who have advanced to candidacy are eligible for a 100 percent reduction in their annual nonresident supplemental tuition. The reduced nonresident supplemental tuition begins with the first academic term following the advancement to candidacy term. Students are eligible for reduced nonresident supplemental tuition for a maximum of three years (includes nonregistered time periods).

Reduced Tuition

Students on approved part-time status may be eligible for a tuition reduction; and a nonresident supplemental tuition and/or professional degree supplemental tuition reduction, when applicable. See graduate students reduced units on reduced fee programs. For part-time status eligibility criteria, see the Graduate Education part-time enrollment web page.

Students in self-supporting degree programs, and those who have advanced to doctoral candidacy, are not eligible for tuition reduction.