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UCLA Registrar's Office

Transcripts for the Common Application must be ordered using a Transcript Order form.

UCLA has opted out of submitting online documentation for the Common Application. Transcripts must be ordered using the UCLA Transcript Order form. A special handling fee applies, and is charged to the BruinBill account.

  1. After the Common Application is submitted, a dashboard supplies instructions for printing a PDF Transfer Registrar Report. This report requires attachment of an official academic transcript.
  2. On the Common Application PDF Transfer Registrar Report form, enter Registrar as the title, Transcript as the first name, Inquiries as the last name, and as the e-mail address.
  3. To order a UCLA transcript, complete and print out a UCLA Transcript Order form. Complete one form for each college or university.
  4. Take the completed Transfer Registrar Report and UCLA Transcript Order form to the UCLA Office of the Dean of Students, 1104 Murphy Hall, to begin processing your UCLA transcript request.