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UCLA Registrar's Office

A printed academic transcript presents course, unit, grade, and degree information on security paper. An electronic academic transcript presents this information in a secure PDF file.

The academic transcript includes all courses taken, transfer credit, units, grades, grade-point average (GPA), and earned UCLA degrees. It also includes in-progress term information: a list of courses a student is enrolled in during the term the document is requested, and other information such as change of major or removal of an I grade.

Paper Transcript

An official paper UCLA academic transcript is printed on security paper to safeguard against unauthorized duplication, alteration, and misrepresentation. The paper has a multicolor security background with a faint background design, and a border with the words “University of California, Los Angeles.” Authentication details are located in the lower right-hand corner of the transcript, and a legend is located on the reverse of the document.

Electronic Transcript

An official electronic (PDF) UCLA academic transcript includes a cover page with UCLA, student, and recipient information. Transcript pages have a background design (except those sent to LSAC) and identifying text in a border. Authentication details are located in the lower right-hand corner of the transcript. A legend page is also included.


There is no charge for an official academic transcript with standard mail or electronic delivery. Special handling and delivery services are available; additional fees apply.

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