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UCLA Registrar's Office

Most transcript orders are processed through MyUCLA.

Order an Official Academic Transcript

Official academic transcripts can be ordered online through MyUCLA. Transcript orders may not be faxed or sent electronically; these are not secure transmission methods and cannot safeguard personal data. Electronic PDF and mailed transcripts are processed through Parchment, the official UCLA transcript agent.

  • Current students should order an official paper or digital PDF academic transcript through MyUCLA (UCLA Logon ID required).
  • Noncurrent students without a UCLA Logon ID can order through Parchment (learner account required). Transcript orders submitted through Parchment may take a few days longer to process because student status must first be confirmed by UCLA.
  • Noncurrent students can also order through MyUCLA (after obtaining a UCLA Logon ID, if needed).
  • After ordering a digital PDF transcript, the recipient is sent instructions on how to access it through a secure site. Once accessed, the recipient has 24 hours to save the transcript file.
  • Students who require an application attachment (such as AACOMAS, PharmCAS, SOPHAS, etc.) must upload the attachment with their MyUCLA or Parchment order. The student CAS application ID is required.
  • A digital PDF transcript sent to AMCAS or LSAC does not require an attachment. The student LSAC or AMCAS ID is required.

Certain students should order transcripts directly through their school.

  • School of Dentistry students should submit an online request to the school.
  • School of Law students who graduated in 1990 or earlier must request their transcript from the school by e-mail.
  • School of Medicine students should submit a document request to the school Student Affairs Office.
  • UCLA Extension students should order from Parchment through the Extension portal.

Summer students from another UC campus do not need to order a transcript. An official UCLA transcript showing summer work is sent automatically to the home UC campus by the middle of October.

Good Student Auto Insurance Discount Verification

Students can use MyUCLA to print an academic transcript and attach it to their insurance forms. Students can also bring their insurance forms to the Registrar’s Office for official verification. A fee applies if special handling or mailing is requested.

Transcript-Related Fees and Payment

Most academic transcripts are available to UCLA students at no charge. There is no fee for an academic transcript sent by USPS first-class mail to a U.S. address. Fees for services and expedited delivery, and special handling, appear on the order form. Complete details appear on the transcript-related fees page. Fees are subject to change at any time.

Submission and Delivery

Submit the completed form in person or by mail, with payment and attachments if applicable, to the Registrar’s Office student services windows.

Electronic or U.S. Postal Service delivery time is not included in processing time, and varies by delivery service and local area.