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UCLA Registrar's Office

Continuing nonresident students who feel they meet UC requirements may petition to be classified as a resident for tuition purposes.

Continuing nonresident UCLA students seeking resident status, who feel they have met all UC residence requirements, may petition for a change of status for tuition purposes by submitting a completed petition for residence classification with required documentation. A student who is in California solely for educational purposes is not eligible for status as a California resident for tuition purposes.

Establishing California Residence

Students who hope to establish California residence should consider three key factors. More details about these factors accompany the residence petition.

Physical Presence

Students must be continuously physically present in California for more than one year (366 days) immediately prior to the residence determination date (generally the first day of classes).

Residence Determination Dates

2024-25 Academic Year Term Residence Determination Date
Fall Quarter September 26, 2024
Winter Quarter January 6, 2025
Spring Quarter March 31, 2025
Fall Semester* August 28, 2024
Spring Semester* January 21, 2025

* Law and Medicine students only.

Actions throughout the Year

Summer actions count! Student actions during the entire year, including the summer, affect the determination made regarding residence status for tuition purposes.

A student who is in California solely for educational purposes is not eligible for California residence for tuition purposes, regardless of the length of stay. If a student returns to their former place of residence (outside California), they are presumed to be in California solely for educational purposes and only strong evidence to the contrary can refute this presumption. A student seeking to establish California residence who accepts employment or conducts research outside of California will be questioned regarding attempts to find employment and/or conduct research within California.

Leaving the state for a unique research opportunity or for special circumstances (such as a medical emergency) may not preclude the student from being classified as a resident, but the burden is on the student to provide convincing evidence that leaving California was not inconsistent with a claim of permanent residence.


Students must intend to make California their permanent home. This intent can be demonstrated by relinquishing legal ties to the former home state and establishing legal ties to California. See the University of California guidance on intent to establish California residence for details. Both students and parents must meet UC residence intent requirements.

Deadlines to Acquire Governmental Evidence of Intent

2024-25 Academic Year Term Intent Aquisition Deadline
Fall Quarter December 15, 2023
Winter Quarter March 22, 2024
Spring Quarter June 14, 2024
Fall Semester* December 15, 2023
Spring Semester* May 10, 2024

* Law and Medicine students only.

Undergraduate Financial Independence

Undergraduate students under 24 years of age, who do not otherwise qualify as financially independent, are considered to be dependent.

The financial independence requirement makes it extremely difficult for most undergraduate students whose parents are not California residents, including students from community colleges and other post-secondary institutions within California, to qualify for classification as a resident at the University of California. Transfer students who were classified as California residents at their previous school should not assume that they will be classified as residents at UCLA.

Students are cautioned that financial independence for tuition purposes is determined separately and only by the campus residence deputy, and that outcome may differ from financial independence as determined by Financial Aid and Scholarships based on the FAFSA.

Required Documentation

Documentation necessary to support the petition must be submitted with the petition. All documentation is subject to residence deputy approval. Personal information such as account, Social Security, and license numbers should be redacted (blocked out) from documentation. If a document cannot be submitted with the petition, the student should attach an explanation of that document instead. Should the document be required, the student will be contacted by the residence deputy.

Photocopies of the following documents must be submitted with the petition:

  • California driver license or California identification card
  • California vehicle registration
  • Voter registration card or registration affidavit, or voting history date(s)
    • Must contain student name
    • Must contain student voter registration date or California voting history date(s)
  • Recent W2 and 1099 form(s)
  • Recent California state and federal income tax returns (all pages)
  • Proof of date on which bank records were changed to a California address
  • Non-U.S. citizen: Immigration and Naturalization Service documentation that demonstrates student legal status for a minimum of 366 days prior to the residence determination date of the term for which resident classification is sought

Student on out-of-state research appointment or internship during the one-year (366 days) qualification period: statement on official letterhead from department confirming student permanent address, exact start and end dates, and l research assignment or internship location

If a student fails to provide any or all of the required documentation by the end of the applicable term, the petition will not be processed and the student will not be classified as a resident for that term. Documentation is not accepted after the last day of the applicable term.


Submit the completed petition for residence classification and documentation online. Students are encouraged to submit the petition at least three weeks before the deadline. Students are responsible for payment of all tuition and fees by the applicable fee payment deadline.

Submission Periods and Deadlines

Term Submission Period Begins Submission Deadline
Fall Quarter July 1 September 1
Winter Quarter November 1 December 1
Spring Quarter February 1 March 1
Fall Semester* July 1 August 1
Spring Semester* November 1 December 1

* Law and Medicine students only