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UCLA Registrar's Office

Nonresident classification can be appealed, but only in limited cases. The process is handled by the UC Office of General Counsel.

Students do not have an automatic right to appeal every nonresident determination. The University of California permits appeals only if at least one the following is true:

  • the nonresident classification was based on an error made by UC, including a significant error of fact, a significant procedural error, or an incorrect application of policy, which if corrected would require reclassification as a resident
  • significant new information became available after the date of the campus decision, and despite the exercise of reasonable diligence (care and attention), the information was not previously known or available

If a student is classified as a nonresident, it is unlikely the decision will be reversed on appeal.

Appeals Process

All appeals regarding residence for tuition purposes are handled by the UC Office of General Counsel (OGC). Only OGC is authorized to overturn a campus residence determination. Only OGC staff are authorized to explain or provide information regarding UC residence policy pertaining to appeals.

To appeal a classification decision, follow the instructions and obtain the appeal form on the OCG residence determination appeals web page.

An OGC residence analyst determines whether the student has appropriate grounds for appeal, and responds to the appeal by e-mail. OGC takes about six to eight weeks after receipt to schedule an appeal for review.

For more information, see the complete University of California Residence Policy and Guidelines (PDF).