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UCLA Registrar's Office

Change the grading basis of optional-grade classes on MyUCLA with no fee through week six. Later grading changes incur fees and penalties, and require a petition.

Courses with an optional grading basis allow students (not instructors) to choose either a Letter grade or a Passed/Not Passed grade (for undergraduates) or Satisfactory/Not Satisfactory grade (for graduate students). In MyUCLA and the Schedule of Classes, the grade type for classes with optional grading is displayed as SO (Student Option) on the class information page.

The default grading basis for an optionally graded class is Letter Grade (LG).


Optional Grading Basis

Undergraduate students in good academic standing can change the grading basis on optionally graded courses using MyUCLA with no fee during the first six weeks of the term. Changes after Friday of week six require a petition; if approved, students are charged a per-class change fee.

Mandatory Grading Basis

Courses with a mandatory (non-optional) grading basis (e.g., Letter Grade only, Passed/Not Passed, Satisfactory/Not Satisfactory) are designated LG, PN, or SU in MyUCLA. Undergraduate students in good academic standing must petition to request a change in grading basis for these courses. The deadline for undergraduates to petition for change is Friday of the sixth week of the term.

Graduate Students

Optional Grading Basis

Graduate students can change grading basis on optionally graded courses using MyUCLA with no fee through week ten of the term. IFor retroactive changes after the last day of instruction, students must petition and are charged a per-class late fee.

Mandatory Grading Basis

To change the grading basis on a mandatory-graded class, graduate students use a Graduate Degree Petition. A supporting memorandum from the student’s home department chair is required, as well as an e-mail from the class instructor describing the student’s participation in the class. Students can petition for change through the last day of instruction.