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UCLA Registrar's Office

Enrollment may be limited to students who have attained a certain class level or declared a specific major or minor, or may require department or instructor consent.

Most class restrictions are related to class level or major. Restrictions are noted in class information in MyUCLA and the Schedule of Classes. Students can confirm their class level and their major or minor under Registration Status in MyUCLA.

Students may enroll in a restricted class if they get a five-digit Petition to Enroll (PTE) number. A PTE number is issued at the discretion of the instructor or department offering the class. When used with the nine-digit course ID, it guarantees enrollment. Inquire at the respective departmental office regarding internal department procedures for receiving a PTE number.

PTE numbers may be issued in the following cases:

  • The department or instructor offering the class may authorize selective enrollment if the enrollment capacity is filled. This is at the instructor’s discretion and may only be approved based on criteria established by the instructor and/or department.
  • The department or instructor makes an exception to published restrictions (e.g., specified majors or minors; class levels such as freshmen only, or juniors or above)
  • The department or instructor overrides a closed class wait list and issues a PTE number so a student can enroll

If the instructor assigns a PTE number electronically, a notice appears in MyUCLA, and students can enroll in the class using the link in the notice. If the PTE is assigned manually, students use the nine-digit course ID and PTE number to enroll. A PTE is valid through the last day to add a class on MyUCLA.

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