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UCLA Registrar's Office

Some courses have requisites that students must satisfy before enrolling. Courses can also have corequisites wherein students must take multiple courses in the same term.

Course requisites are requirements or recommendations associated with a course. Course requisites are listed in the course description and in class information in MyUCLA and the Schedule of Classes. MyUCLA uses requisite checking to see if a requisite has been met.

There are five different categories of requisites: requisites, enforced requisites, corequisites, preparation, and recommended. Corequisites are requirements for courses that must be taken at the same time. Preparation requirements for courses are requirements such as placement tests for language. They appear only in the course description and are enforced at the instructor or department level.

In addition, there are three levels of enrollment enforcement. Only requisites with specific course numbers can be enforced. A requisite such as “one course in economics” could not be enforced, but “Economics 11” could be. Instructors or departments can choose the level of enforcement for a requisite.

No Enforcement Students are expected to have met all requisites
Warning MyUCLA issues a warning that the requisite has not been met
Restriction MyUCLA issues a notice and prevents enrollment

A message in MyUCLA most often appears when transfer credit or test scores are involved, even when that credit is being used to fulfill program requirements. Requisite courses taken at another school often do not transfer as the exact UCLA requisite (i.e., units or subject heading do not match). Students can check their Degree Audit Report to see how the requisite was transferred.

Students with transfer or AP credit that was not evaluated as equivalent to a specific UCLA requisite should consult the department offering the course. Departments are usually familiar with such discrepancies and can help a student enroll or issue a Petition to Enroll (PTE) number. Decisions by the department concerning satisfaction of requisites are final.

If the requisite was taken at UCLA or satisfied by examination, contact the Registrar’s Office.