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UCLA Registrar's Office

Some courses, such as upper-division tutorials, use a contract to set forth the type and topic of study. The contract must be signed by the instructor and department chair.

Upper-division tutorials are numbered 195 through 199. These courses are structured by the instructor and student at the time they are initiated. The structure of the course, including both the specific proposed course of study and the requirements that must be met before a grade can be assigned, is formalized through a contract application available in MyUCLA.

  • Contracts must be approved by both the instructor-in-charge and the instructor’s department or program chair.
  • The student must have advanced junior standing and at least a 3.0 GPA in the major, or must have senior standing.
  • Outstanding Incomplete grades in an upper-division tutorial must be removed before enrolling in another contract course.

Contracts are also required for the following courses: Honors Contracts (89HC, 189HC), Student Research Program (99), and Undergraduate Student Initiated Education (USIE) contracts (188SA, 188SB).

Each online contract form is customized for a specific course number. Before filling out the form, the student should prepare a short description of the proposed course of study, nature of faculty supervision, and type of tangible evidence of work completed to be presented at the course conclusion. The form provides instructions for completion, printing, signatures, and further steps.

A student pursuing an internship (course 195) should consult with either a departmental adviser or the Center for Community Learning (course 195CE) to determine which unit coordinates the internship. Internships coordinated through the Center for Community Learning require a site supervisor’s signature. A student pursuing a 199 course in the School of Medicine, after obtaining the instructor’s signature, should deliver the form to department staff who obtain the chair’s signature.

Complete Enrollment

The deadline to enroll in a contract course is Friday of the third week of the term.

After obtaining the signatures of the instructor and instructor’s department chair, the student must check with the department offering the course, or with the school, to confirm which of the following locations to use to complete enrollment:

Once the form is processed, the student can confirm enrollment on the study list.