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UCLA Registrar's Office

A class level designation applies to all students. Undergraduate levels, based on units, affect enrollment appointments and some course restrictions. Graduate levels are based on degree standing.

Class level is based on units completed and in progress, not years attended.

Undergraduate Student Class Levels

Class Designation Units Completed
Freshman (UFR) 0-44.9
Sophomore (USO) 45-89.9
Junior (UJR) 90-134.9
Senior (USR) 135 or more

Graduate Student Class Levels

Class Designation Units Completed or Status
Master (MA/MS) (GMT) Master’s degree objective
Professional Master (GPM) --
Doctorate 1 (GD1) Not advanced to candidacy
Doctorate 2 (GD2) Advanced to candidacy
Certificate/Credential (GCT) --
Unclassified (Summer only) (GNC) --
Postdoctorate (GPX) --
No Degree Objective (GDS) --
Professional School (PF) --
Professional School (PF2) Second year (Law: 30-55.9)
Professional School (PF3) Third year (Law: 56 or more)

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