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UCLA Registrar's Office

Class policies cover attendance, use of mobile devices, note taking, auditing, and plagiarism. Instructors often outline additional policies in their class syllabi. Students should read class syllabi carefully to be sure they understand what is expected.

Password Policy

Details about the password policy and the Student Conduct Code

Auditing Classes

Information about rules for registered students and interested individuals to audit classes

Class Attendance

Information about class attendance requirements, class rosters, UCLA Extension students, and visiting students

Class Notes

Class notes or recording policies, including use of notes, authorization, and UCLA Lecture Notes

Use of Mobile Devices

Some classes have restrictions on the use of mobile devices such as tablets, laptops, and phones

Plagiarism and Student Copyright

Definition of plagiarism, student copyright, plagiarism detection services, and grade report

Student Conduct Policies

Information about student conduct policies including policies on sexual violence and sexual harassment and campus activities, organizations, and students