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UCLA Registrar's Office

Enrollment for graduate students takes place during a single pass that lasts through Friday of week two.

Law, Medicine, and Dentistry students enroll as instructed by their respective student affairs offices.

All other graduate students eligible to enroll for the next term are randomly assigned one appointment time or pass, and can enroll from the beginning of the specified appointment time through midnight on Friday of the second week of the term. Students need to be enrolled in classes with unit credit by the deadline to avoid a late study list fee and to avoid having to obtain instructor signatures.

Three classes (or 12 units per term) is considered the normal enrollment for graduate students, and is required for a student not in doctoral candidacy to be counted for full-time status in the official University enrollment. Approval of less than full-time enrollment is at the discretion of the department.

Graduate students are responsible for registering, enrolling, and making study list changes by published deadlines. If students fail to make certain through MyUCLA that their registration and enrollment are correctly recorded prior to end of instruction during the term and they later submit a retroactive petition, there is no guarantee that such a petition will be approved and there is significant likelihood it will be denied.