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UCLA Registrar's Office

Enrollment is divided into two passes that give all students an opportunity to enroll in required courses. Students in priority groups may enroll during a priority pass.

Priority Enrollment Pass

During priority pass, students may enroll in no more than 10 units unless their priority group has been approved for more units. Students in a priority group who do not enroll during their priority-pass appointment period must wait until their first-pass appointment to enroll.

Enrollment in class sections is carefully monitored during each priority group pass to ensure that any one group does not exceed 30 percent and that all groups do not exceed 50 percent of a class section. Because of these restrictions, enrollment during priority-pass appointments is not guaranteed.

Priority enrollment groups include Regents Scholars, athletes in NCAA sports, qualified veterans, foster youth served by the Guardian Scholars Program, homeless youth, students with dependents, and designated students served by the Center for Accessible Education.

First Enrollment Pass

During first pass, students may enroll in no more than 10 units. This gives all undergraduates a better chance to obtain at least two courses needed toward graduation. Students who do not enroll during their first-pass appointment period must wait until their second-pass appointment to enroll.

Second Enrollment Pass

During second pass, students can add courses up to the maximum units allowed by their College or school study-list limit. Once second-pass enrollment opens, students can enroll from the beginning of their assigned appointment time through midnight on Friday of the second week of classes. Students should be enrolled in classes with unit credit by that date to avoid paying a late study list fee. After Friday of week two, wait lists are eliminated and the study list becomes official.

During second pass, students can

  • Use a Permission to Enroll (PTE) number to enroll in restricted or closed classes
  • Initiate a petition to enroll in a contract course
  • Request an exception to enroll in Passed/Not Passed (P/NP) courses over the P/NP unit limit (message displayed in MyUCLA if applicable)
  • Submit a petition for excess study list units

Appointment Times

Undergraduate students eligible to enroll for the next term are given two appointment times, one during the first pass and one during the second pass. Some students qualify for priority-pass status and can enroll in a limited number of units before the first pass begins. Current-term degree candidates who have declared candidacy but will not graduate must re-declare candidacy for a future term to receive enrollment appointments for a future term.

Students are not allowed to enroll before their specified appointment time(s). Appointments are assigned based on student record unit data at the time of assignment (see below). Student record updates that occur after appointment times are assigned do not alter those times. Changes in assigned appointments are made only to correct an appointment based on an incorrect unit-group level. To request an appointment change, go to the Registrar’s Office at 1113 Murphy Hall before the assigned appointment.

Appointment Time Priority

Appointment times are randomly assigned within pass periods that are prioritized by group in the order shown.

  • Priority groups
  • 160 completed units and declared candidacy to graduate in next two terms
  • 160 or more units
  • New and re-entering students
  • 135–159.9 units
  • 90–134.9 units
  • 45–89.9 units
  • 0–44.9 units

Determining Group Level

When determining appointment groups, a student’s applicable units earned/completed and current term units in progress are included. Advanced placement (AP) and international baccalaureate (IB) units are not included when determining appointment groups except when calculating degree units for those who have completed 160 units and declared candidacy to graduate in the next two terms. Degree units include all applicable transfer credit and UCLA earned units. When projecting enrollment groups, current summer units are not included.

Projected class level based on degree units (freshman 0–44.9 units, sophomore 45–89.9 units, junior 90–134.9 units, senior 135 or more units) is used if course enrollment is restricted to a certain class level. Projected class level for a given term is displayed when a student checks individual enrollment appointment times.