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UCLA Registrar's Office

As they approach graduation, students should make sure the degree is in order, records are up-to-date, and a degree-expected term is identified.

Verify Degree-Expected Term

All students should verify the degree-expected term through MyUCLA. If the degree-expected term is incorrect, change it through MyUCLA or by completing an online Declaration of Candidacy. This must be done before Friday of the second week of the degree-expected term.

Verify Major, Minor, and Specialization

All students should verify major, minor, and specialization as they appear on the Degree Progress Report (DPR) or Degree Audit during the final term. If any information is in error, contact the appropriate office or degree auditor.

Request to Graduate In Absentia

A student finishing degree requirements without being enrolled at UCLA in the final term (removing Incomplete grades, adding or dropping courses, attending another institution) must file a Request to Graduate in Absentia at 1113 Murphy Hall. This must be done before Friday of the second week of the degree-expected term.

Submit Official Transcripts from Other Institutions

A student who completes coursework at another institution, including UCLA Extension, must make sure the official transcript (with grades) is received by a degree auditor in the Registrar’s Office no later than three weeks after the end of the degree-expected term.

Meet with Advisers and Counseling Staff

All students must satisfy any outstanding requirements before graduating. Students are advised to meet with their appropriate counseling unit and/or enroll in an i-Grad workshop. Any petitions to amend records must be filed no later than the last day of the degree-expected term.

Update Forwarding Mail and E-mail Addresses

A student in the final term should inform the Registrar’s Office of postal mail and e-mail address changes. An address change can be made on MyUCLA, at 1113 Murphy Hall, or through BruinBill. A student who plans to move at the end of the degree-expected term and who will not have access to MyUCLA should file an address change, that identifies a future mailing address and effective date, before leaving.

Submit Name Change

A legal name change to be included on a diploma should be submitted to the Registrar’s Office, 1113 Murphy Hall, by the last day of the degree-expected term for a name to appear correctly. The name on record is the name that appears on the diploma.

Submit Diploma Instructions

After the third week of the degree-expected term, students should access the MyUCLA Diploma Request feature to

  • Provide diploma release instructions: request in-person pickup, agent pickup, or mail delivery
  • Identify punctuation or accent marks for the name to be printed on the diploma

Check FERPA Privacy Status

Students should check their privacy and FERPA options through MyUCLA before they graduate. A student with a FERPA restriction will not appear in UCLA online directories or commencement publications.

Closure of Student Record

A student may not graduate in one term and then retroactively add a major, minor, or specialization; or add and drop courses; and so forth. On degree award, the undergraduate record is closed.

Manage E-Mail/Google Apps Preferences

Students who earn a UCLA degree retain access to their e-mail account and Google Apps, and the student Logon ID is always available for services such as ordering transcripts. However, certain other UCLA access and services expire upon separation from the University. See BOL Service Eligibility and Expiration for details.