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UCLA Registrar's Office

Students who complete courses at other institutions must have transcripts sent to the UCLA admission office for evaluation of possible academic credit.

Students who take courses at a college or university other than UCLA should check with their college or school counselor or departmental major adviser to determine if the courses apply toward their graduation requirements.

Once students complete the courses, they must have the other institution send transcripts to UCLA Undergraduate Admission, 1147 Murphy Hall, Box 951436, Los Angeles, CA 90095-1436. For more information, see the transfer credit processing page.

Transfer students (who attended another college or university prior to attending UCLA) should discuss transfer credit with their College or school counselor and/or departmental adviser.

Although UCLA may grant unit or subject credit for work completed at another institution, the work may not necessarily apply to specific UCLA degree requirements (i.e., general education or major requirements). Contact a College, school, or major advisor regarding specific credit applications and limitations. Also, be aware of the residence requirements, which are specific to the College or school.