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UCLA Registrar's Office

While living in Washington DC, students research a project of their choice and complete an internship at one of Washington’s thousands of government agencies; think tanks; nonprofits; media outlets; and advocacy, trade, and business organizations.

The UCLA Center for American Politics and Public Policy (CAPPP) selects undergraduate students each fall, winter, and spring to participate in its Quarter in Washington Program. The program offers an exciting opportunity to combine UC courses with research and field experience. Students live at the UC Washington Center for up to 12 weeks, dividing their time between coursework and a part-time internship placement. They are registered as UCLA students and can earn UCLA credit in multiple majors (by petition) for all classes taken.

The core course, a research development seminar, is multiple-listed in political science, sociology, and history; meets the capstone requirement for the Public Affairs minor; applies toward the Civic Engagement minor; and is eligible for College Honors consideration. At least one course in a subject other than political science, such as economics or history, is usually offered each quarter.

All courses take advantage of Washington’s unique resources for study and research. Center administrators help students find a field placement that complements a substantial research project. Contact the CAPPP Office, 2133 Rolfe Hall, 310-206-3109 or send e-mail to; see the Quarter in Washington Program website for more details on how to apply.