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UCLA Registrar's Office

Explore opportunities that combine teaching, research, and community-engaged learning. Learn about scholarships, and internships that earn academic credit. Collaborate with local, state, and national communities and organizations.

Structured and rigorous academic courses that promote citizenship, leadership, and social justice through community teaching and learning experiences are offered through the Community Engagement and Social Change minor and 195CE internship courses. These courses connect the research interests of faculty members and students with the needs and priorities of UCLA community partners.

Community-Engaged Courses

Students can participate actively in the community through a variety of community-engaged courses offered through the center and UCLA departments. These course numbers use an XP suffix. Some courses include direct service (e.g., tutoring and mentoring), while others emphasize research as service (e.g., community-based research on the environment or public health). Students work about 20 hours off campus per term. Courses are credit bearing and often apply toward a student’s major or minor, including Community Engagement and Social Change. Courses may also fulfill other academic requirements.

Internship Courses

Internship courses help students apply academic knowledge and critical thinking skills to situations and challenges in the work environment. They encourage professional development and supply valuable insight for future career choices. Center-managed internship courses are numbered 195CE, and are open to students with junior and senior standing. Students work about 80-100 hours on internship activity per term. See center internship courses for application, requirements, and other details.

Center for Community Engagement

In collaboration with academic departments, the Center for Community Engagement (CCE) offers courses that promote citizenship, leadership, and social justice through community teaching and learning experiences. CCE administers the Community Engagement and Social Change minor, 195CE internship courses, Astin Scholars research program, and Changemakers Scholars youth empowerment program. It also oversees participation in AmeriCorps Jumpstart (early childhood literacy) and JusticeCorps (legal aid) programs.