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Disability Studies shifts our perspective on a marginalized phenomenon at the center of our experience—disability—revising what is often misconceived as an aberration of daily life into one of its most basic and formative realities. This emerging interdisciplinary field uses disability as a lens for thinking about the body, society, and culture.

The Disability Studies minor is of interest to students from many different academic areas. Those interested in professions in teaching, social work, public health, nursing, medicine, architecture, and law may have a special interest in applying their study to focusing on the needs of disabled populations. Students interested in interdisciplinary academic work find rich avenues of new scholarship in fields throughout the arts, humanities, social sciences, and sciences. The breadth of participation by UCLA faculty demonstrates the richness of intellectual engagement possible for students in the minor.

Through a core course, carefully selected electives, a required two-quarter internship or research apprenticeship, and a senior capstone project or seminar, students in the minor obtain both breadth and depth in their understanding of the conceptual and practical implications of disability. For information about scholarships and how to apply to the minor, see the ​Center for Community Learning website.