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UCLA Registrar's Office

A student’s lived name can appear on many records. A student’s legal name is retained for some uses.

Lived Name

The lived name is the primary student name used by UCLA. If a lived name is not established when the student applies to UCLA, the legal name is used as the student lived name. The MyUCLA Lived and Legal Names feature can be used to view and update the student lived name at any time.

The lived name is used in applications and systems such as academic transcript, BruinCard, Bruin Learn (Canvas), Campus Directory, class roster, diploma, grade roster, housing, and MyUCLA.

The University reserves the right to require an individual change their lived name if it is used inappropriately. This includes, but is not limited to, names using foul or inappropriate language; or names established to avoid a legal obligation or to create misrepresentation.

Legal Name

Establishing a lived name does not change a student’s legal name. The legal name continues to be maintained and used for certain University records, documents, and business processes where deemed necessary or required, e.g., financial aid, employment and benefits, and some financial and government services. Students who wish to change their legal name must use the official legal name change process.

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