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UCLA Registrar's Office

Other campus-based fees are approved at the campus level for specific services.

Mandatory Medical Insurance Fee

Medical insurance is a condition of registration for both graduate and undergraduate students at the University of California. As such, the cost of the University of California Student Health Insurance Plan (UCSHIP) is billed along with other UCLA fees each academic term. The UCSHIP fee is waivable if a waiver is submitted online by the fee-payment deadline for each term. UCSHIP fulfills all of the requirements mandated for qualified medical/health insurance as defined by the University. The Arthur Ashe Student Health and Wellness Center is the primary health care provider for UCSHIP, and is where all nonemergency medical care must be initiated for UCSHIP claim payment consideration.

Registrar’s Document Fee

Effective fall 2013, new undergraduate and graduate students (excluding students enrolled exclusively in medicine, dentistry, and law degree programs) are assessed a nonrefundable, one-time Document Fee that permits lifetime access to official transcripts and academic verifications without a fee for standard processing. In addition, fees are no longer charged for incomplete grade removals and mailing the initial diploma. The Document Fee is assessed through BruinBill accounts for all students starting a new degree program during their first term of matriculation. Alumni and former students receive the same Document Fee benefits but do not pay a new one-time fee, since they have been subject to various fees previously for their degree programs. However, if a current or former student returns to UCLA for a new degree program, that student is assessed a Document Fee. Eligible students are able to use financial aid to cover the Document Fee.