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UCLA Registrar's Office

Campus-based course materials and services fees are approved by the Chancellor and reported to the Office of the President. The Student Fee Advisory Committee advises the Chancellor on the allocation of campus-based student services fees and other fee issues.

Course Materials Fee

The Course Materials Fee (sometimes known as a lab fee) is assessed by course unit as of Friday of the fourth week of the quarter. The fee covers the cost of providing course materials to be consumed, retained, or used by the student or services necessary to provide a special supplemental educational experience of direct benefit to the student. Materials and supplies may include chemicals, solutions, gloves, filters, biological specimens, artists’ media, glassware, photographic chemicals, and other one-time use items. Students are assessed these fees regardless of major. Students who are approved for late-add enrollment after the third week of classes are required to pay course material fees. The fees are billed once a quarter and are nonrefundable once assessed.

Dentistry Gown and Instrument Sterilization Fee

A course materials fee that is assessed to all students enrolled in the regular (state-supported) DDS program. The fee is assessed in summer, fall, winter, and spring terms.

Disability Insurance Fee

The Disability Insurance Fee is assessed to Geffen School of Medicine and School of Dentistry students, and is collected during the fall term only.

Instructional Enhancement Fee

This course materials fee supports the use of technology in teaching undergraduates. The fee funds online learning support including course websites and syllabi, computer labs and wireless access, course software, and staffing of computer labs for student use. The fee is assessed to all undergraduates except EAP reciprocity and Washington CAPPP students.

Law Materials and Technology Fee

This course materials fee is assessed to all School of Law students to develop and maintain technology-based materials and enhanced services to support students’ educational program. It supports such services as electronic course reserves and student computer laboratories.