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UCLA Registrar's Office

Available guides cover graduate and undergraduate course and program approval, proposal reviews, course numbering, and more.

Guide to Undergraduate Course and Program Approval

Guide includes procedures for requesting course approvals, a CIMS tutorial, and detailed instructions for preparing and submitting requests for revising and creating programs.

UCLA Undergraduate Fully Online Course Approval Policy

Guide includes policies and procedure for the approval of fully online instruction courses.

Guide to Graduate Course Approval

Guide includes classification of graduate courses, procedures for requesting course approvals, a CIMS tutorial, and policies concerning graduate courses.

Guide to Graduate Program Approval

Guide includes detailed instructions for submitting requests for program revisions and new programs; policies for establishing certificates and self-supporting programs, and guidelines for transferring, consolidating, or discontinuing a graduate program.

Procedural Manual for Review of Proposals

Guide includes detailed flow charts and brief descriptions of the routing and approval processes for establishing undergraduate and graduate degrees, departments, school/colleges, as well as the transfer, consolidation, or disestablishment of programs.

Guide to Reserved Course Numbers

A quick guide to course numbers reserved for certain types of undergraduate courses.

Guide to Honors Seminars

A guide on how to set up an undergraduate honors seminar (course numbers 89 and 189).

TIE Code Definitions

A guide to how course types are reported to the UC Office of the President.

Systemwide Compendium

A comprehensive guide to Universitywide review processes for academic programs, units, and research units.