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UCLA Registrar's Office

To produce the UCLA General Catalog, a call for updates is sent. Deadlines for CIMS forms and other approvals, and call return, must be met to ensure Catalog publication.

Return of Catalog copy updates—also known as the call—by established deadlines allows the Registrar’s Office to incorporate as many approved changes a possible, as late as possible, while still meeting publication deadlines.

Front sections call for updates sent to departments
(Undergraduate Study, Graduate Study, Policies and Regulations, College and Schools
February 23
Return updated Catalog front sections to Registrar’s Office March 15
Curricula and Courses sections call for updates sent to departments
(Summary, Overview, Faculty Roster
March 15
Return updated Curricula and Courses sections to Registrar’s Office April 12
Last day to submit fully approved CMS course forms to Registrar’s Office for Catalog publication May 3
Submit agenda items for College FEC May 31 meeting (contact Jen Hirashiki) May 10
Last College FEC meeting to make next Catalog edition May 31
Last UGC meeting to make next Catalog edition (contact Julia Nelsen) May 31
2024-25 Catalog website live July 1
2024-25 Catalog PDF available July 21

How to Submit Catalog Updates

To make copy updates, follow the Adobe Acrobat and Reader instructions sent with the call.

Most department and subject area name changes have already been updated and appear in the Catalog call. All copy should be checked for accuracy.

Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate program changes approved before March have already been updated in the Catalog call. Copy should be checked for accuracy. Missing changes approved before March should be added to Catalog copy with a note referencing the approval memo.

Changes that are pending approval by the FEC or UGC should be added to Catalog copy with a note referencing the proposal. If approval is not received by the deadline, the changes are not included when the Catalog is published.

Graduate Programs

Graduate program requirements are not published in the Catalog, but are available through the Division of Graduate Education website (except for professional programs in dentistry, law, and medicine). An annual call for updates is sent in January and due in April. Minor changes are reviewed by the division; more substantial changes are evaluated by the Graduate Council Committee on Degree Programs.

Updates to professional degree programs in dentistry, law, and medicine are managed by the respective school.


Course descriptions are not sent with the call for updates. All new courses and course changes must be submitted through the CIMS system. All approved CIMS course forms received by the deadline are applied to the next Catalog.

Faculty Rosters and Committees

Follow faculty update instructions sent with the call. Faculty rank category must match UCLA payroll title data. Lateral ranks are combined for publication purposes.

Update faculty rosters with current faculty and emeriti information. Do not include a pending appointment or promotion unless it is documented and effective no later than July 1.

Faculty administrative committees (for freestanding minors and IDPs) are updated using data supplied by the UCLA Academic Senate. Committee membership is updated at the same time as other program copy. It is not necessary to mark committee updates on the call. Any such updates are verified against approved Senate data.


Blake Livesay: curriculum-related and general editing assistance

Karen Robbins: faculty roster and general editing assistance

Tom Bailey: graduate program requirements assistance