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UCLA Registrar's Office

The VA and state of California offer education assistance for dependents and spouses of veterans.

VA Education Benefits

A student whose parent or spouse served in the military may be eligible for U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) benefits. See the UCLA Veterans educational benefits page for available VA benefits.

Dependents transferring to UCLA who used GI Bill® benefits at a previous institution and wish to continue using them at UCLA must submit VA form 22-5495, Dependents’ Request for Change of Program or Place of Training. The form is also available from the Registrar’s Office.

CalVet College Fee Waiver

The California Department of Veterans Affairs (CalVet) College Fee Waiver for Veteran Dependents program is available to eligible dependents and spouses of service-connected disabled or deceased veterans.

For eligible UCLA (and UC) students classified as California residents for tuition purposes, the program waives three UC systemwide fees: tuition, student services fee, and professional degree supplemental tuition. UCLA summer session course fees, including EAP and travel study, may also be waived.

No other UCLA fees are waived. Students are responsible for all other fees, including UCSHIP and campus-based fees. See the fees section for more information.

The college fee waiver does not apply to any costs of self-supporting programs. Such programs are not supported by state funds and are not subject to state law regarding exemptions for dependents of veterans.

The waiver is not valid for students classified as nonresidents for tuition purposes. See nonresident supplemental tuition exemptions for information about exemptions for dependents.


Apply for a college fee waiver as early as possible in the calendar year before the start of fall term. Download an application from the CalVet website. Complete the application, attach required documentation, and take them to a county veteran service office.

Students must re-apply each academic year to continue receiving this waiver.


Fall, winter, and spring quarters. Once in receipt of a waiver authorization award letter from the local veterans service office, the student contacts the UCLA veterans benefits coordinator. The county office sends a copy of the letter to UCLA; or the student may send a copy to the coordinator by e-mail. The waiver is entered in the student billing system and is valid for the academic year. The waiver may appear as a BruinBill credit.

If fees have already been paid, the student can be reimbursed for current academic year tuition and fees paid before the waiver was approved. Claims for fee exemptions must be presented during the academic year to which the claim applies.

Summer sessions. UCLA summer course fees can be waived only for eligible, currently enrolled UC students. The academic year waiver is good through the summer term, so it can be applied to the summer term immediately following spring quarter. Visiting UC matriculated students should submit the approval letter to the UCLA Veterans Affairs Office. Benefits for summer courses are by request only; do so by e-mail once the student’s summer schedule is finalized.

Retroactive Approval

Retroactive approval for a prior academic year can be granted only if a student applied for the waiver in a timely manner, but approval was delayed by VA processing of an original or reopened service-connected disability compensation claim or dependency and indemnity compensation claim.

Financial Aid

Use of the College Fee Waiver for Veteran Dependents may affect a student’s financial aid package. A Cal Grant may not be used in the same term as this waiver; other financial awards also may be affected. When a student is approved for the waiver, the Registrar notifies Financial Aid and Scholarships, which determines how financial aid is affected.

    GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by the VA is available at the official U.S. government website.