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UCLA Registrar's Office

A verification transcript presents registration, fee payment, enrollment, and degree information on security paper.

A verification transcript is an extract of the academic transcript. It certifies registration and fee payment, enrollment status, and degrees. It does not show courses and grades, but does include

  • terms and dates of attendance
  • enrollment status for each term attended
  • UCLA degrees awarded, including dates
  • College or school attended
  • major(s)
  • dates of admission(s) and degree-expected term
  • class level and career
  • social security number (last four digits)
  • Registrar’s seal and signature

A study list of 12 or more units for registered undergraduate students, or 8 or more units for registered graduate students, is considered full-time status for enrollment reporting, insurance, intercollegiate athletics, and financial aid purposes.

The verification transcript is available at no charge through MyUCLA.

Proof of Enrollment

The verification transcript confirms student enrollment status only after registration fees have been paid for the term. Verification of student workload is based on actual enrolled units and does not consider wait-listed units or list courses for a term.

New Student Proof of Enrollment

New students who require proof of enrollment to receive a scholarship must submit a Special Verification Letter Request to order a letter confirming admission to the University and intent to register for the term of admission. Or, students may wait until fees are paid to order a verification transcript.

Degree Verification

For graduating students, verification of a degree can be issued after the degree has been posted to the student's record, approximately six weeks after the end of the term. If earlier proof of degree is required, contact a degree auditor in 1113 Murphy Hall and complete an Early Certificate of Completion Request. There is no fee for the certificate, but a processing fee may apply if it is needed before grades are posted.

Student Address Verification

A student address may be verified through the Campus Directory, but only if the student has not limited or restricted release of public information.