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UCLA Registrar's Office

Midterm examinations are usually held during regularly scheduled class meetings, but some common midterms may be scheduled outside regular class time.

Per UCLA Policy 870 II.B.6, midterm examinations are usually held during regularly scheduled class meeting times.

However, large classes with multiple sections requiring a common midterm examination can hold examinations outside regular class meeting times with the following limitations:

  • Notice of out-of-class midterm examination dates and times must be published in the Schedule of Classes and on MyUCLA before enrollment begins.
  • Instructors must include out-of-class midterm examination dates in the course syllabus.
  • Instructors should make a good-faith effort to accommodate alternate examination times for students with class conflicts.

In the Schedule of Classes, dates and times of out-of-class midterm examinations are published on the class detail screen under class notes. It is the student’s responsibility to know examination times and avoid conflicts with other classes.

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