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UCLA Registrar's Office

A specialization is a focused area of study of attached to a specific major, with specific coursework beyond major requirements.

A specialization is a focused area of study attached to a specific major, and is in addition to course requirements for the major. In 1994, the Undergraduate Council oversaw the conversion most specializations into minors—standalone areas of study that could complement a wide array of majors. The Computing Specialization was exempted from conversion. The following majors are approved to have an optional Computing Specialization.

Majors with Optional Computing Specialization

Chemistry Department

  • Biochemistry BS
  • Chemistry BS
  • Chemistry/Materials Science BS
  • General Chemistry BS

Communication Department

  • Communication BA

Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Department

  • Biology BS
  • Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution BS
  • Marine Biology BS

Linguistics Department

  • Applied Linguistics BA
  • Linguistics BA
  • Linguistics and Anthropology BA
  • Linguistics and Asian Languages and Cultures BA
  • Linguistics and English BA
  • Linguistics and French BA
  • Linguistics and Italian BA
  • Linguistics and Philosophy BA
  • Linguistics and Psychology BA
  • Linguistics and Scandinavian Languages BA
  • Linguistics and Spanish BA

Mathematics Department

  • Applied Mathematics BS
  • Financial Actuarial Mathematics BS
  • Mathematics BS
  • Mathematics/Applied Science BS
  • Mathematics for Teaching BS

Mathematics/Economics IDP

  • Mathematics/Economics BS

Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology Department

  • Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology BS

Psychology Department

  • Cognitive Science BS
  • Psychobiology BS
  • Psychology BA

Sociology Department

  • Sociology BA