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UCLA Registrar's Office

The College diversity requirement is intended to help students better understand the perspectives of others whose histories, experiences, cultures, and social conditions may differ from their own.

Diversity courses are designed to provide students with the analytical skills needed to develop critical and reflective perspectives on difference within both domestic and global spheres, and to prepare them to function, thrive, and provide leadership in multicultural, multiethnic, transnational, and interconnected global societies.

Frames of difference include but are not limited to race, ethnicity, socioeconomic class, gender, sexual orientation, religion, disability, age, language, nationality, citizenship status, and place of origin.

Students in the College satisfy the diversity requirement by completing one course from a faculty-approved list of diversity courses. The course must be taken for a letter grade, and passed with a grade of C or better (a grade of C– is not acceptable). The course may also satisfy a GE requirement, a major or minor course, or an elective.