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Student responsibilities

Declaring nonattendance

Fee disclaimer

Fee descriptions

Mandatory fees

Paying fees

Nonresident tuition exemptions

Reduced fee programs

Late payment

Fee waiver requests

Refunds and Reductions
   Fall Quarter 2015
   Winter Quarter 2016
   Spring Quarter 2016

Fee charts

Miscellaneous fees

Course material fees

Registration consists of paying fees and enrolling in classes.

  1. Registration fees and other University charges are due the 20th of each month. BruinBill accounts can be viewed through MyUCLA.
  2. Enrollment in classes is completed through MyUCLA (see the MyUCLA section and the Enrollment section for full details).

Complete both processes by the established deadlines (see the Calendar) to be officially registered and enrolled for the term

Student Responsibilities

Address, Mobile Telephone, and E-mail Changes

Students must keep their UCLA mailing and e-mail addresses and mobile telephone numbers up to date, and may change them on MyUCLA. Keeping this information current allows students to be reached through the BruinAlert system.

Declaring Nonattendance

A student may declare nonattendance if he or she is not planning to attend UCLA for a term and registration fees have not been paid for that term. If the student uses this option on MyUCLA, be sure to consult the Academic Policies section in this Schedule for readmission information.

For a graduate student, declaring nonattendance does not place the student on an official leave of absence. That status requires submission of a leave of absence form, obtained from the individual department, for department and Graduate Division approval.

Fee Disclaimer

The tuition, fees, and charges posted here are estimates based on currently approved amounts. These figures are not may not be final. Actual tuition, fees, and charges are subject to change by the Regents of the University of California and could be affected by state funding reductions. Accordingly, final approved levels (and thus a student’s final balance due) may differ from the amounts shown.

Fee Descriptions

For detailed descriptions of UCLA and universitywide fees, see the Fees section of the Registrar’s Office website and click on the “UCLA Student Fee Descriptions” link. See also the Office of Academic Planning and Budget website.

Mandatory Fees

Mandatory fees including tuition, the student services fee, professional degree supplemental tuition, and nonresident supplemental tuition--as well as UCLA campus-based fees--are flat fees based on enrollment status (e.g., undergraduate, graduate student, professional school student), not on the number of enrolled units.

Mandatory fees do not include additional course or unit-based fees--such as course materials and services fees--that may be assessed based on enrollment in selected courses as of Friday of the fourth week of the term. A summary of these fees appears in the Miscellaneous Fees chart. Applicable fees also appear with the class listing in the online Schedule of Classes.

Items such as room and board costs for living on campus or books and supplies are also not included in mandatory fees.

Self-Supporting Programs. Students in self-supporting programs pay a flat annual fee. For fee information, see self-supporting programs fees. For specific details, consult the individual program.

Summer Sessions. UCLA Summer Sessions has a separate fee schedule; for information, see the Summer Sessions website.

Document Fee

New undergraduate and graduate students (excluding students enrolled exclusively in Dental, Law, and Medical degree programs) are assessed a mandatory, nonrefundable, one-time Document Fee. The fee covers lifetime access to official transcripts and academic verifications for the specified degree program without a fee for standard processing. Fees also are no longer charged for incomplete grade removals and mailing the initial diploma. The Document Fee is assessed to BruinBill accounts for all students starting a new degree program during their first term of matriculation. Eligible students may use financial aid to cover the Document Fee cost. The fee is as follows:

Undergraduate student $165
Masters Degree student 80
Doctoral student 100
Summer Sessions 50

Current students, alumni, and former students receive the same Document Fee benefits but are exempt from the fee since they have already been subject to various fees for these documents and services for their degree program. However, if a current or former student returns to UCLA for a new degree program, the student is assessed the appropriate Document Fee amount. For more information and details about the Document Fee, see the fee charts later in this section, and the Document Fee information sheet.

Instructional Enhancement Initiative Fee

The Instructional Enhancement Initiative (IEI) fee is a course materials fee assessed to all undergraduate students. The fee supports the use of technology in undergraduate education. This flat fee is charged to undergraduate students and assessed at the same time as University mandatory and campus-based fees. It is subject to the same refund policies as other campus-based fees. Education Abroad Program reciprocity students and CAPPP (Washington internship) students are exempt from the IEI fee. See Instructional Enhancement Initiative in the UCLA Online section of this Schedule and the IEI website for details about the materials and services supported by the fee.

Registration Confirmation

Check registration status on MyUCLA to confirm that registration fees payments have been processed. It is especially important to do this prior to the deadline for dropping classes due to nonpayment of registration fees (see the Calendar section for current deadlines).

Paying Fees

Payments can be paid by e-check or credit card through MyUCLA; check payments can be mailed, or deposited in the Payment Solutions and Compliance office at 1125 Murphy Hall.

BruinPay Plan

The BruinPay Plan (BPP) permits a quarter-term student to make three monthly payments for quarterly charges, and a semester-term student to make four monthly payments for semester charges. Students must re-enroll in BPP each term to use this payment method. No one can be enrolled after the Registrations Fees payment deadline (see Calendar). The first installment and a nonrefundable administrative fee are due at the time of enrollment in the BruinPay Plan. Payments are made using free e-check transactions or by credit card for a fee. Automatic monthly payment deductions are required during the BPP period. As banks have different format requirements, students should check with their bank for accurate routing and account numbers if the free e-check option is chosen. For details, see the Student Accounts BruinPay Plan FAQ.

Student Health Insurance

Insurance is a condition of registration at the University of California. As such, the cost of the University of California Student Health Insurance Plan (UCSHIP) is billed along with other UCLA fees each academic term. The UCSHIP fee is waivable if a waiver is submitted by the fee payment deadline for each term. Waiving UCSHIP is an online process.

UCSHIP fulfills all of the requirements mandated for qualified medical/health insurance as defined by the University. The Ashe Student Health and Wellness Center is the primary health care provider for UCSHIP and is where all nonemergency medical care must be initiated for UCSHIP claim payment consideration. See the Ashe Center website.

Waiving UCSHIP

Students may waive UCSHIP if they (1) maintain active enrollment in an qualified medical/health insurance plan that meets all established requirements, (2) apply for a UCSHIP waiver each term within established deadlines, and (3) correctly complete the online UCSHIP waiver form.

Students must apply for a UCSHIP waiver online. A pre-waiver worksheet is available to assist students before they complete an actual waiver. See the Ashe Center website for details, including a definition of qualified private medical/health insurance. If the private insurance plan does not meet waiver criteria, the waiver will be denied. Select the Insurance tab on the Ashe Center website. Then choose UCSHIP Waiver from the list and follow the prompts. When waiving UCSHIP, students are responsible for knowing the benefits of and local providers for their medical plan.

Deadlines for Waiving UCSHIP

Third-party individuals may not waive UCSHIP for a student. Waivers must be submitted by the stated deadlines whether or not fees have been paid by that date. Deadlines are strictly enforced; see the Calendar.

The schedule for waiving UCSHIP is as follows:

School of Law students  
   Fall Semester  
      LLM July 1-August 10
      Year 1 July 1-August 10
      Years 2 and 3 July 1-August 20
   Spring Semester December 1-20
School of Management FEMBA students
   Fall Quarter  
      Year 1 August 1-20
      Years 2+ September 1-20
   Winter Quarter December 1-20
   Spring Quarter March 1-20
School of Medicine students
   Fall Semester
      Year 4 June 1-20
      Years 1, 2, 3 July 1-20
   Spring Semester December 1-20
All other students  
   Fall Quarter September 1-20
   Winter Quarter December 1-20
   Spring Quarter March 1-20

The above information serves as official notice of the UCLA mandatory medical/health insurance requirement. All students are responsible for providing complete and accurate information that must be submitted by the stated deadlines. For additional deadline information, pre-waiver worksheet, and a glossary of insurance terms, see the Ashe Center website.

Nonresident Supplemental Tuition Exemptions

The following categories of students may be entitled to an exemption from nonresident supplemental tuition: (1) active duty member of the U.S. Armed Forces stationed in California for noneducational purposes, or who has been on active duty for a period of more than 30 days and who meets the requirements set forth in the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008; (2) a student who is discharged from the U.S. Armed Forces after having been stationed in California on active duty for at least 366 days; (3) dependent children, stepchildren, spouse, or registered domestic partner of an active duty member of the military stationed in California; (4) effective July 2015, certain nonresident veterans (and their dependents) who were separated from U.S. military service within 36 months of enrolling at UC and are eligible for G.I. Bill (Post-9/11 or Montgomery) program funds; (5) unmarried dependent children under age 21, spouses, or registered domestic partners of members of the UC faculty who are members of the Academic Senate; (6) unmarried dependent children, spouses, or registered domestic partners of full-time UC employees who are assigned to work outside of California; (7) children, spouses, or registered domestic partners of deceased public law enforcement or fire suppression employees killed in the course of their official duties who were California residents at the time of their death; (8) dependent children of California residents; (9) graduates of a California high school operated by the Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs; (10) credentialed employees of a California public school; (11) amateur student athletes training at the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Chula Vista; (12) students who attended high school in California for three years and graduated from a California high school (or attained the equivalent), except students who are nonimmigrant aliens; (13) recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor and their children under age 28; (14) dependent or ward of the state through the California child welfare system (foster youth). For more details about these exemptions see the UC Residence Policy and Guidelines.

Students who believe they are entitled to one of these exemptions must apply for it before registering. Without this authorization, students are not permitted to register without paying the entire fee. Graduate and undergraduate students should apply for a fee exemption at the Registrar’s Office. For more information, see the fees page.

Establishing Residence

For more information about establishing and evaluating residence for tuition purposes and related fee exemptions, see the Residence section of the Appendix in the UCLA General Catalog or the Registrar’s Office residence website.

Doctoral Candidates

Nonresident graduate doctoral students who have advanced to candidacy are eligible for a 100 percent reduction in their annual nonresident supplemental tuition. See the Academic Policies section for requirements.

Reduced Fee Programs

Fee assessment for reduction in fees is based on total units enrolled (10 units or less) as of Friday of the third week of classes.


Certain undergraduate students, when properly approved by the dean of their College/school for enrollment in 10 units or less, may be eligible for a one-half reduction in the tuition portion of registration fees and a one-half reduction in nonresident supplemental tuition, if applicable. Consult the College or school for eligibility requirements. File a Fee Reduction Request (available on the Registrar's forms page) with the academic dean’s office by Friday of week two. Except for these qualified and approved part-time students, there is no reduction in the student services fee, tuition, nonresident supplemental tuition, IEI fee, student union, or Undergraduate Students Association fees.

Graduate Students

For graduate students there is no reduction in tuition, student services fee, nonresident supplemental tuition, student union, or Graduate Students Association fee for less than full-time programs.

Graduate students may be eligible for and billed the filing fee (half the full amount of the student services fee) in lieu of full student services fee for the term in which they expect to complete final degree requirements. See the Academic Policies section for requirements, or see the filing fee page.

Graduate students taking coursework or conducting research related to their degree programs outside California may be eligible for in absentia registration, and reduction of the student services fee and tuition. See the Academic Policies section for more information, or see the in absentia registration page.

University Employees

Full-time University employees may apply for a reduction of the student services fee and tuition at their Campus Human Resources office. Applications are available on the Campus Human Resources website. Students who receive the part-time fee reduction from their academic dean may not also use the UC employee reduction; students must use one or the other.

Late Payment

A late payment fee is assessed to all students paying registration fees after the deadline. Late registration is complete once students pay registration fees and enroll in classes.

After Friday of the Second Week

Students who enroll in classes and pay registration fees after Friday of the second week of classes are assessed both the late Study List fee and the late registration fee, resulting in extra costs to register and enroll. The Enrollment Petition must be used for this process.

Undergraduate students must obtain the instructor’s signature for each course listed and obtain approval from the academic College or school.

Graduate students (GD college code) must obtain approval from their authorized departmental adviser.

Dentistry, Law, and Medicine students must have the written approval of their respective student affairs office.

File the Enrollment Petition at 1113 Murphy Hall after paying fees for the term. Late registration is complete when students pay registration fees and enroll in classes.

Fee Waiver Requests

Late registration, processing, and penalty fees are waivable on request in writing to the office assessing the fees only if they were incurred through the fault of the University or because a student suffered a sudden and debilitating injury or accident.


Students may have holds placed on their student records which could affect registration, enrollment, financial aid, campus services, and/or release of academic transcripts for the following reasons:

  1. Failure to comply with admission or academic provisions
  2. Failure to settle financial obligations with the University
  3. Failure to respond to official notices

Each student who becomes subject to a hold action is given advance notice and ample time to respond. The hold must be released by the initiating office before a student may enroll in classes or receive various campus services. Obtain information on holds through MyUCLA.

Refunds and Reductions

Under the conditions described below, some UCLA students may be eligible for a full or partial refund of fees paid.

Cancellation of Registration

Prior to the first day of instruction, students may cancel registration by completing and submitting a Cancellation of Registration form, available online. Refund is as follows: new students receive a 100 percent refund for fees paid except for the nonrefundable acceptance of admission fee and a service fee; all other students receive a 100 percent refund for fees paid minus the service fee. (See Miscellaneous Fees for service fee information.) A student who purchased the University of California Student Health Insurance Plan (UCSHIP), cancels registration, and receives a 100 percent refund loses all UCSHIP coverage and benefits for the term.

New students who cancel must file a new application for admission if they wish to return to UCLA (admission is not guaranteed).


Students who withdraw from the University once instruction begins must file an acceptable Withdrawal Notice form. Undergraduates may obtain this form at the office of the academic dean. Graduate students may obtain it from their respective departments.

Failing to attend classes, neglecting courses, or stopping payment on checks tendered for registration does not constitute notice of withdrawal. A fine is assessed if any check for registration fees payment is returned by a bank for any reason, including stopped payment or insufficient funds. If no credit for courses is received, a full refund of the student services fee for the regular session is granted to all students entering the armed forces prior to the end of the sixth week of the term, with no refund thereafter.

Schedule of Refunds

A percentage of the registration fees paid is refunded according to the calendar date on which the official Withdrawal Notice or Leave of Absence form is submitted to the academic dean.

Service Fee and Nonrefundable Fees. A service fee is deducted from all 100 percent refunds. For new students, the schedule of refunds is applied to the fees paid minus the nonrefundable acceptance of admission fee and the service fee. Fees paid by new Dentistry, J.D., and S.J.D. students are refunded except for their respective nonrefundable acceptance of admissions deposit. Registration fee refunds take one to two weeks to process. See “Miscellaneous Fees” for service fee information.

UCSHIP Benefits. There is no automatic refund of the UCSHIP fee. A student who purchases UCSHIP, withdraws, and receives a less than 100 percent refund may not request a UCSHIP refund because UCSHIP coverage remains active for the term. A student who purchases UCSHIP, cancels registration, and receives a 100 percent refund loses all UCSHIP coverage and benefits for the term.

To request a UCSHIP refund, eligible students must contact the Ashe Center insurance office by e-mail before the end of the current term. Include full student name, UID number, date of birth, and reason for refund request. The UCSHIP office will verify that no benefits have been accessed and no plan services have been used before any refund is considered. This process may take up to 30 business days to complete. No UCSHIP refund is granted if any claim has been paid. If approved, the refund is processed through BruinBill approximately three to five working days after receipt of request.

Sponsored Students, Deferrals, and Waivers. If a sponsored student (on financial aid) pays registration fees with personal funds, a refund is initiated automatically through BruinBill. Students who initially pay registration fees with financial aid, a fee deferral, or a fee waiver, and subsequently cancel or withdraw, do not receive a cash refund and may be liable for repayment of registration fees.

The schedule of refunds is applied to the fee paid as follows:

Spring Quarter 2016 Refund Schedule

New Students Receiving
Federal Financial Aid
All Other Students

100% on or before March 28

90% March 29-April 3

80% April 4-10

70% April 11-17

60% April 18-24

50% April 25-May 1

40% May 2-8

0% On or after May 9

100% on or before March 28

90% March 29-April 3

50% April 4-14

25% April 15-May 1

0% on or after May 2

Winter Quarter 2016 Refund Schedule

New Students Receiving
Federal Financial Aid
All Other Students

100% on or before January 4

90% January 5-10

80% January 11-17

70% January 18-24

60% January 25-31

50% February 1-7

40% February 8-14

0% On or after February 15

100% on or before January 4

90% January 5-10

50% January 11-21

25% January 22-February 7

0% on or after February 8

Fall Quarter 2015 Refund Schedule

New Students Receiving
Federal Financial Aid
All Other Students

100% on or before September 24

90% September 25-30

80% October 1-7

70% October 8-14

60% October 15-21

50% October 22-28

40% October 29-November 4

0% On or after November 5

100% on or before September 24

90% September 25-30

50% October 1-11

25% October 12-28

0% on or after October 29

Self-Supporting Programs. The refund schedule shown may not apply to students in self-supporting programs. Students enrolled in a self-supporting program should consult their program adviser regarding refunds.

Graduate Students

Graduate Leaves of Absence. For graduate students on official leave of absence, a percentage of registration fees paid is refunded according to the calendar date on which the official Leave of Absence Request is submitted to the Graduate Division. If fees are paid by departmental funds, students may end up owing fees if the leave of absence petition is filed after the first day of classes. See refund table above; for information, see the leave of absense page.

In Absentia Registration. Graduate students taking coursework or conducting research related to their degree programs outside California may be eligible for in absentia registration, and reduction of the student services fee and tuition. See the Academic Policies section for more information, or see the in absentia registration page.

Filing Fee. Graduate students may be eligible for the filing fee in lieu of full registration fees. See the Academic Policies section for more information, or see the filing fee page.

Fee Deferrals. Academic apprentice personnel are eligible to receive a fee deferral for part or all of the registration fees assessed during the term in which they serve as an academic apprentice. Students are responsible for paying fees by the deferred payment deadline, which is generally two months after the standard term due date. Whether students attend UCLA, take a leave of absence, or withdraw from the University, they are responsible for the registration fees assessed but may be eligible to receive a partial fee refund, according to the refund schedule above. Fees not paid by the deadline are subject to the late fee charge.

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